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Speer Family
1997 Inductees

George Thomas "Dad" Speer: March 10, 1891 - Sept. 7, 1966
Lena "Mom" Speer: 1890 - 1967

Brock Speer: December 28, 1920 - March 29, 1999
Rosa Nell Speer: September 22, 1922
- May 16, 2017
Mary Tom Speer: June 13, 1925 - September 16, 2014
Ben Speer: June 26, 1930 - April 7, 2017

The Double Springs native, Speer Family, began their rich heritage in 1921 when G.T. "Dad" Speer formed the first Speer Quartet. They were different from the beginning, breaking the barrier in Gospel Music by adding female voices in a field totally dominated by all male quartets. As Dad and Mom Speer's children were born, they were taught the rudiments of music as soon as they could talk. Soon they began joining their parents as permanent members of the group, making it truly The Singing Speer Family. That singing tradition has now carried over to a third generation of Speer family members.

The group has recorded over 70 albums in their career. Five of those have led to Grammy Award nominations. They have received eight Dove Awards for Best Mixed Group of the Year, Doves twice for Best Album and four consecutive years for Best Female vocalist. Music critics have praised their sound, others have imitated their sound. There is not a Gospel group performing today who has not been influenced by the music of The Speer Family. 1996 marked the 75th Anniversary of this first family of Gospel Music. The Speer Family is the recipient of the 1997 Alabama Music Hall of Fame Life Work Award for Performing Achievement.