Freddie Hart has won almost every award country music has to offer. The Country Music Academy honored him with five awards in 1972:

*Entertainer of the Year
*Artist of the Year
*Song of the Year
*Album of the Year
*Single of the Year

In 1971 and also in 1972 his hit song A Easy Lovin was chosen Song of the Year by the Country Music Association. This was a first in country music history as it was the first time a song was so honored two years in a row. Freddie has had 14 number one singles, 34 top ten singles and has recorded 43 albums. He has written songs for George Morgan, Carl Smith, Kenny Rogers, Patsy Cline, George Jones, Charlie Rich, Buck Owens, Porter Waggoner, Lefty Frizzell, Billy Walker, Tammy Wynette and many others. His first number one song was A Loose Talk recorded by Carl Smith in 1955.



*1971 Easy Lovin #1 Billboard Single of the Year
*1972 My Hangup Is You, #1 Billboard Single of the Year
*1973 Billboard Artist of the Year
*Easy Lovin Song of the Year (2 consecutive years)
*Grammy Nomination - A Easy Loving, Single and Album (2 consecutive years)
*Billboards Album of the Year
*M.O.A. Album of the Year

*Easy Lovin
*My Hang Up Is You
*Bless Your Heart
*Got The All Overs For You
*Trip to Heaven
*If You Can=t Feel It (It Ain't There)
*Hang In There Girl
*The Want To
*Loose Talk
*Skid Row Joe