Opening Event for First Hip Hop Showcase August 28th at 2:00 p.m.

Hip Hop Header.jpg

The Alabama Music Hall of Fame will reveal its latest display dedicated to Alabama’s hip hop Achievers on August 28th. As part of the event, a number of North Alabama hip hop artists, including Codie G and GMANE, will participate in a Q & A hosted by Fletch of local radio station KIX96. The event will begin at 2:00 p.m.

The display’s intended purpose is to make visitors aware of hip hop’s place in Alabama, and highlight different Achievers from around the state, and includes pioneers, artists, producers, entrepreneurs, and ambassadors of the genre.

“This showcase is a good introduction to people about Alabama’s hip hop talent. The genre has been around for decades now, and there’s a lot more here than people realize,” said Dixie Griffin, director.

In addition to biographical information about the state’s achievers, there’s also an assortment of items that show off some of the work and collaborations done by Alabama artists.

“The Huntsville and Florence Hip Hop scene has been extremely proactive with this project. I think all the credit is due to them, specifically Codie G and GMane. We’ve tried to fit as much as we can into this space,” said John Moseley, curator.

This will be a permanent display, and will be viewable with normal admission to the museum.

For more information, contact the Alabama Music Hall of Fame at (256) 381-4417.